SENER Aeroespacial solidifies its leadership position in COMINT products

21/07/2020 (Spain)
SENER Aeroespacial solidifies its leadership position in COMINT products

SENER Aeroespacial has signed a contract for phase 2 of the SANTIAGO POD COMINT R&D project with Spain's Ministry of Defense, through which the high-tech company will design and develop a high-performance Communications Intelligence (COMINT) demonstrator. Featuring national technology, it can be vehicle-mounted on a EuroMALE unmanned aerial system (RPAS). The system will include the Ground Operation Center (COT in its Spanish acronym) for mission control and simulating communications between the COT and the RPAS.

COMINT capability in SENER Aeroespacial's strategy

For more than five years, SENER Aeroespacial has been investing in the development of COMINT technology to further its level of responsibility in this type of project. Through its role as an integrator, as it had in the SCATER ZL (C) project, it has now evolved into a company that is capable of both integrating systems and of designing, manufacturing and supplying complete subsystems based on its own products.

SENER Aeroespacial's strategic vision can be summarized in the following pillars:

  • Maximize the use of national technology, resulting in greater Spanish self-reliance in electronic warfare.
  • Collaborate with national companies in specific capacities that leverage the main technical capabilities of each.
  • Centralize systems engineering, on which the interoperability, integration and other technical/operational concepts applicable to the various segments and systems are based.
  • A commitment to developing its own, cutting-edge products.
  • Offer integrated and complete COMINT solutions, with the option to integrate COMINT V/UHF with mobile and satellite monitoring.

As a result of this strategy, SENER Aeroespacial has successfully completed the industrialization of a Monitoring and Classification receiver, and is about to finalize an interferometric radio direction finder. With this new contract, SENER Aeroespacial has started to develop its POD COMINT demonstrator.

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