RESPIRA, by SENER Engineering, finalist in the European Railway Clusters Initiative Awards


SENER Engineering has been a finalist in the ERCI Innovation Awards 2020, with which the European Railway Clusters Initiative rewards the innovation efforts of companies in the European railway sector every year. It has achieved this with RESPIRA®, an artificial intelligence (AI) system to regulate the ventilation of large complex and connected spaces, especially in subway infrastructures such as metros.

The European Railway Clusters Initiative brings together the seventeen largest European clusters, bringing together more than 2,000 companies in the railway sector. Thus, SENER Engineering has participated in this sixth edition of the awards in its capacity as a member of the Spanish cluster Railgrup.

RESPIRA® predicts the environmental conditions inside the stations and efficiently controls all the ventilation equipment distributed in the network in a centralised manner, which makes it possible to establish the optimum ventilation strategy for each of the metro lines. Therefore, RESPIRA® makes it possible to improve the comfort of passengers and workers in a metro network, as well as optimising energy consumption, which contributes to reducing the carbon footprint. Likewise, thanks to greater air renewal, RESPIRA® allows the risk of microorganism proliferation to be reduced, as in the case of covid-19.

RESPIRA® is already working in the Barcelona Metro network, thanks to a collaboration agreement between SENER and Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona (FMB). The system can be quickly implemented in large infrastructures or complex spaces such as metro networks, airports, shopping centers or sports centers.

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