President of SENER Jorge Sendagorta Receives the ‘Managing for Growth’ Award from the Spanish Confederation of Managers and Executives

28/10/2011 (Spain)
President of SENER Jorge Sendagorta Receives the ‘Managing for Growth’ Award from the Spanish Confederation of Managers and Executives

During the VII Managers Conference held on October 27-28 in Bilbao, the Spanish Confederation of Managers and Executives (CEDE), presented its ‘Managing for Growth’ awards to outstanding managers, among them the President of SENER, Jorge Sendagorta. The presentation of these awards took place on the evening of Thursday, October 27 in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, in a ceremony sponsored by the Basque government and presided over by its head, Patxi López.

This distinction recognizes once again this company’s continual investment in development and innovation. SENER was founded in 1956, and since its beginning the company has made innovation a fundamental pillar of its business model.

Along with the President of SENER, awards were presented to Juan Luis Arregui, one of the founders of Gamesa and Guascor; to Constan Dacosta, the former President of Eroski; to José Luis Larrea, the President of Ibermática and former Basque Economics Minister; to wine producer Victoria Cañas; and to Pedro Luis Uriarte, the former CEO of BBVA and former Economics Minister.

Besides receiving this distinction, Jorge Sendagorta was also active in the conference, taking part in the ‘Energy, Engine of Sustainable Progress’ conference on the same afternoon, Thursday October 27.

The CEDE conference structured its entire program around the theme “Managing for Growth,’ which refers to the necessity for changing the Spanish economic system in the framework of the global financial crisis, in search of the engine of growth in innovation and design. Given this theme, CEDE wanted to highlight companies that are leading the way in innovative sectors such as the new sustainable energy sector, where SENER has excelled in recent years.

SENER is the world leader in the thermosolar power sector, as much for its high-tech development as for the number of projects in its pipeline, which exceeds 20 plants in Spain, in the US, and in India. Seven of these are already in commercial operation, among them the first plant to apply a thermal storage system in a central tower configuration with an array of heliostats, Gemasolar. SENER’s involvement in this innovative project is through Torresol Energy.

During the recent startup of Gemasolar, the world’s most innovative power plant owing to its technology, Jorge Sendagorta emphasized in his talk that “In the last decade SENER has dedicated an enormous intellectual and economic effort to the progress and commercial deployment of thermoelectric power generation from concentrated solar power. This effort has borne fruit, as we have made three important contributions to the development of this technology: thermal storage, which drastically improves the regulation of the hours of generation and makes energy production during hours without sunlight possible; the increase in thermoelectric efficiency, with receptors that operate at very high temperatures; and the reduction of costs with industrialized designs and processes”.

SENER is an engineering and technology group in the areas of Aeronautics, Energy and Environment, and Engineering. It is internationally known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and its independence. In the Engineering field, SENER is a benchmark company in the Aerospace, Power and Process, Infrastructures and Transport, and Marine Engineering sectors. Its outstanding participation in these four business sectors further distinguishes SENER as the leading Spanish multidisciplinary engineering company. Thus, the company contributes innovative solutions and allocates an investment of around 10% of its working hours to R&D.

Through its Aeronautics Area, SENER participates in consortiums such as the Industria de Turbopropulsores ITP (the only Spanish aeronautical engines and gas turbines company, which SENER helped found in 1984 and is currently the primary stockholder), as well as Hisdesat and Galileo Sistemas y Servicios.

Additionally, through the Energy and Environment Area, SENER has promoted projects where it has further involvement through its contributions of technology, renewable energy, and recycling of energy waste, such Zabalgarbi, Tracjusa, Valpuren Comatur, Valpuren Bañuelo and Torresol Energy. This last company, a joint venture created together with Masdar, has as its objective the promotion of the technical development, construction, operation, and maintenance of large concentrated solar power plants worldwide.

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