NEReA; a low-cost, field-resettable, non-explosive, ITAR/EAR-free, release mechanism



NEReA is a family of products based on the same design principles. Is is a low-cost Non Explosive Release Actuator that provides a rapid response with low power consumption over a range of temperatures compatible with the space environment.
Several NEReA body sizes are available. Each one of these body sizes can house different retaining bolt sizes, to cover a wide range of axial preload needs. Retaining bolt is an standard metric screw, simplifying dramatically design, supply and AIT activities at integrator side. Electrical interface are two single wires, where if requested it can accommodate a connector.






Design principle is simple and therefore robust; a spring stores the energy for release. Any pyro-based actuator uses a pulse like the one that melts a retaining fuse. NEReA is then compatible with the current existing electronics for pyro actuation. This fuse once melted liberates the spring with no fume or debris generation. The design comprises very few pieces, maximizing reliability.
Once actuated, any customer technician, with the proper training and tools, can replace the fusing element quickly, There is no need to dismount it and send it back to the factory for refurbishment.
Several Hold Down and Release Mechanisms on any satellite or launcher can integrate NEReA easily on applications like:

  • Boom release and separation
  • Solar panels release and separation
  • APM release
  • Payload release and separation    

Along 2019 SENER will qualify first NEReA references. Upon request quotations for FM serial production units are already available.

  NEReA 8   NEReA 10  NEReA 12    NEReA 18 NEReA 20   NEReA 22
 Resistance Less Than 2 Ohm    Less than 2 Ohm
 Input voltage 28 V.   28 V.
Actuation current  5 A.    5 A.
Actuation time  Less Than 50 ms.    Less than 50 ms.
Bolt Dimension  M8  M10  M12    M18  M20  M22
Axial preload  15000 N  30000 N  42000 N   120000N   150000N 175000N 
 Mass 190 gr.   < 500 gr 
Envelope  70 mm diam.   90 mm diameter.
  40 mm height.   50 mm height
TRL  TRL8 (Q4 2019)   TRL8 (Q2 2020)
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