Itziar Urrutia, Director of SENER Division in Bilbao, wins AED business award 2013

29/05/2013 (Spain)
Itziar Urrutia, Director of SENER Division in Bilbao, wins AED business award 2013

Enthusiasm, self-commitment and flexibility, these were the values that praised Itziar Urrutia, the Director of SENER Division in Bilbao, as she went to accept the 7th AED Business Award during a ceremony held on the evening of May 28 at Hotel Carlton in Bilbao (Spain). The prize, awarded each year by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Executives of Biscay (AED for its Spanish acronym), recognizes the successful management career developed by three women entrepreneurs. Biscay’s Deputy General, José Luis Bilbao, and the president of AED, Matilde Elexpuru, were in charge of presenting the award.

In her speech, Itziar Urrutia, Director of SENER Division in Bilbao, reflected about how the individual learning process that builds professional careers is a continuous growth and training process that is fed back by the experience of family. She also talked about executive work where she emphasized how she has more confidence in cooperation than in competition, as well as in encouraging teamwork “not seeing participation and delegation as a threat to authority, but rather as an integral part of our executive role”.

Lastly, the Director thanked her parents for the values instilled in her since her childhood and her husband and siblings for the constant support in facing the future. She also thanked SENER “for having given and continued giving me the opportunity to let emotion prevail in my job, an excitement that I feel as a determination to create, to innovate, or to grow, determination that is mandatory; and for the opportunity to manage diversity, in short, to manage talent”.

Finally, the Director of SENER Division in Bilbao dedicated her award to “the challenges that are left to be addressed and to the journey that is still left to travel”.

Itziar Urrutia joined the company in 1989 working on multidisciplinary projects related mainly to major infrastructure developments such as the Bilbao metro. She was also the Director of the Sectorial Territorial Plan of the planned “Basque Y” high-speed rail network and of the Euskalduna Palace project.

From 1998 to 2010, Urrutia led the company Gestión de Proyectos GESTEC S.A., a firm that was later integrated into SENER as its Valencia Division, in which Urrutia managed infrastructure projects mainly in connection with marine engineering and power. Since 2010, she is Director of SENER Division in Bilbao, which is focused on the fields of Aerospace, Power and Processes and Infrastructure and Transport.

Born in Bilbao, Itziar Urrutia is an architect, graduated from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and has a master’s degree in General Management from the Institute of Higher Business Studies IESE. She serves currently on the Board of Trustees of SENER Foundation, and assists the Innobasque Eco-Innovation expert committee and the Council for Industry and Transport of Tecnalia.

As Director of SENER Division in Bilbao and member of SENER Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Itzia Urrutia is in charge of successfully implementing the Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility policy of the Division.

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