Enrique Sendagorta, founder of SENER, appointed Honorary Member of the Spanish Institute of Engineering

27/05/2014 (Spain)
Enrique Sendagorta, founder of SENER, appointed   Honorary Member of the Spanish Institute of Engineering

The Doctor in Marine Engineering Enrique de Sendagorta Aramburu, Honorary President and founder of the engineering and technology group SENER and President of the SENER Foundation, has been awarded the Honorary Member Medal given by the Spanish Institute of Engineering to those engineers who have contributed to the progress of society through their works and projects.

The award-giving ceremony took place on Monday May 26, where Enrique de Sendagorta was handed over the Honorary Member medal by the President of the institution, Manuel Moreu. The founder of SENER highlighted his pride at receiving this distinction from an institution that was presided by his brother José Manuel de Sendagorta (1966), who joined SENER in 1960 and was named co-founder of the company.

In a speech full of acknowledgements to all those who "have contributed so much to the good fortune that I have enjoyed in my life", Enrique de Sendagorta expressed concern about the difficult situation in the country: "Spain needs quality economic growth, which demands intelligent and long-lasting dedication from all of us, including engineers and entrepreneurs whose efforts should be not less than those of others, to return the country to the place that it deserves in the contest of nations. We have to encourage the youth that we need in the fields of science and technology. So promising.” He also noted: "Today, the historical studies and our own experience lead us to conclude that the added value obtained in technical progress is more due to the constant implementation of many improvements, modifications and combinations, than to infrequent major innovations, whose economic effect is usually long term. The complexity of a well-diversified quality growth comes along with an enormous potential for additional wealth through the creation of the new and the pursuit of improvements that maintain and foster the positive development of companies”. The enterprising and self-demanding spirit of this man, for whom work is the most important value to improve the world, led him to close his speech with the following words: “If we demand more of ourselves, we can”

This new recognition is added to the numerous distinctions he has been awarded over his illustrious career, being the last of them the Premio Reino de España a la Trayectoria Empresarial (Kingdom of Spain Prize for Business Achievements) granted by the Spanish Circle of Entrepreneurs, the Economy Circle (Cercle d’Economia) and the Circle of Basque Entrepreneurs. The King of Spain will present the award in June. Besides, he won in 2011 the Premio Nacional a la Trayectoria Innovadora (national award for career-long innovation) from the Ministry of Science and Innovation and also received the Ingenia award from the Bilbao school of engineers (2004) and the Marine Engineers Association's Prize for Best Professional and Social Career (1999). He also received the Gran Cruz del Mérito Naval from Spain, the Verdienst Kreutz mit Stern from Germany and the Cruzeiro do Sul from Brazil.

Enrique de Sendagorta Aramburu (Plencia, 1924) is a Doctor of Marine Engineering from the Escuela Especial de Ingenieros Navales in Madrid, and has a Master's degree in Senior Management from the IESE (first graduating class). In 1956 he founded the engineering company SENER, which is today a successful engineering and technology group worldwide. As well as his work in SENER, Enrique de Sendagorta was a founding partner for the Vizcaya firms Itasa and Indunaval, and founded and directed Construnaves, the association of all Spanish shipyards.

Furthermore, during his professional career of more than 60 years, he has been: Director General of Foreign Trade; Director General of Trade Expansion in the Ministry of Commerce; President of the Capital Goods Commission for the Spanish Development Plan; a member of the Advisory Board on Nuclear Energy; Counselor of the Spanish Institute of Medium and Long Term Credit, of Banco de Crédito Industrial, of the official companies for Exportation Credit Insurance, and of various state bodies.

He has also held the post of Chief Executive, Counselor and Director General of the Spanish Society of Marine Construction, and Counselor of Ybarra and CIA, Naviera Artola, and of Marítima del Norte. His work as Executive President of Petronor is noted as being outstanding. Other notable responsibilities include Delegate Counselor of Banco de Vizcaya and Vice-president of its Board of Directors; President of Banco de Financiación Industrial (Induban) and Counselor of BBV.

Currently, Enrique de Sendagorta is Honorary President of SENER and President of the SENER Foundation. Furthermore, he was made Honorary President of the University of Navarra's Institute of Entrepreneurship and Humanity.

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