Bilbao’s South Metropolitan Bypass, a project with the participation of SENER, receives honorable mention at CICCP's Aqueduct of Segovia Awards

19/02/2014 (Spain)
Bilbao’s South Metropolitan Bypass, a project with the participation of SENER, receives honorable mention at CICCP's Aqueduct of Segovia Awards

The South Metropolitan Bypass project, better known as Supersur, developed by the engineering and technology group SENER has been recognized with an honorable mention at the Aqueduct of Segovia Awards given by the Spanish College of Civil Engineers (CICCP for its Spanish acronym). It is a project that, according to the CICCP, "has developed a functional, safe and sustainable traffic alternative to the busier section of the A-8 highway between the access road to the port of Bilbao and the A-68 highway".

SENER has conducted the preliminary studies for the highway planning as well as the construction project of all facilities and the highway control center, in addition to providing technical assistance to the project management. This work has included the supply of the following systems for a total of five bypass tunnels: electrical installations, lighting, ventilation, fire protection system, traffic management, security, surveillance and control system, toll payment system, communication devices, control center equipment, complementary infrastructure (SOS posts, tunnel technical rooms, etc.), infrastructure management applications as well as the aesthetic lining of the tunnels.

The Aqueduct of Segovia Awards, which this year celebrate their sixth edition, is a biennial event organized by the CICCP and aims to highlight the importance of environmental considerations in civil engineering works of major significance. The award-giving ceremony was held on the evening of 18 February at the School’s premises in Madrid.

In the field of Infrastructures and Transport, SENER provides comprehensive engineering services for railroads, urban transport systems, airports, roads, ports, maritime infrastructure, hydraulic works, environmental protection, architecture and urban planning, all of them an example of sustainability and integration.

In fact, some of these works have been awarded prizes such as the recent Veronica Rudge Green Prize awarded in 2013 by Harvards University's School of Design to the Porto metro project for its excellence in sustainable urban design; or the nomination of SENER to the European Rail Congress Awards 2013 in recognition of the Puerta del Sol Transport Interchange in Madrid, a project that was also awarded by the CICCP in 2009 as Best Public Civil Engineering Project of the Year. Likewise, SENER received an honorable mention from the CICCP at the Agustin de Betancourt Awards to the best civil engineering project in the period 2007-2009 for the Tenerife tram project. In addition to these prizes, the group has also earned a solid international reputation for its exceptional innovative solutions.

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