Aena Aeropuertos receives an award for the efficient use of energy in Zaragoza airport, a SENER Project

24/01/2012 (Spain)

The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification AENOR has awarded Aena Aeropuertos with three prizes during the Tourism International Summit FITUR, one of them in recognition to Zaragoza airport for the efficient use of energy. The award was received by the Chief of the Strategy and Environment Mediation Division of Aena Aeropuertos, Jose Maria Guillamon.

In this project, SENER designed and built the new terminal building for Zaragoza airport in collaboration with the firm of architects Luis Vidal & Asociados. The engineering and construction company engineered a modern, functional, environmentally friendly terminal in accordance to 21st Century Zaragoza city. The structural design crowns on water (the main theme of Zaragoza Expo 2008) and radically modifies the look of the airport complex.

With its modular roof reminiscent of the movement of waves, the new building offers a diaphanous space which makes the most of natural conditions to maximize natural light and temperature control, thereby saving energy. Energy efficiency - awarded by AENOR with the aforementioned prize - was a key objective of the terminal’s design, according to the environmental compromise of SENER.

The new structure has improved the distribution of airport services and it also allows passengers to move comfortably, as it facilitates orientation and minimizes journey time. The terminal has a throughput capacity of one million passengers per annum; a total surface area of 17,646 sqm and over 1,200 parking spaces and it has been designed with a view to possible future extensions as the city grows.

Along with this successful work, SENER has participated in numerous international projects such as the new Terminal T2 at Warsaw airport, the new Central Airport for Poland (NCAP), the Lublin airport, the refurbishment of the Guadalajara Terminal (Mexico), the runway extension at Managua and control towers for Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Gardaïa and Tamanrasset, projects in Spain such as the Barcelona airfield extension, the Madrid-Barajas luggage transport system, the terminal buildings in Malaga and Alicante, the new terminals in Bilbao, Malaga, Alicante and Tenerife – North and turnkey projects such as the Globalia maintenance hangar in Palma de Mallorca, among others.

In all of them SENER, an engineering and technology group that is also present in the field of renewable energies, takes into consideration the respect for the environment and the landscape integration. These are key elements when building new civil architecture infrastructures, as well as energy efficiency through sustainable architecture, that uses the ability of urban spaces and buildings to store energy. This fact, along with the greatest possible efficiency in terms of power consumption, allows cutting the demand for production and reducing losses generated during the power distribution process.

SENER uses new technologies in its buildings: new materials to work with and research the construction sector and facilities; new applications for existing materials; elements to regulate and distribute power and air flows; and more complex mechanisms such as moveable facades and roofs that can be flexibly modified to suit climatic and comfort requirements.

In short, SENER applies a wide range of solutions and tools on its projects as it strives for a future urban landscape based on a sustainable model. The new terminal building for Zaragoza airport, a 2008 project that has just been awarded by AENOR, is a good proof of it.

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