SENER receives the Best Public Work Award from the College of Road, Canal and Port Engineers for the Sol Suburban Rail Station project

30/11/2009 (Spain)
SENER receives the Best Public Work Award from the College of Road, Canal and Port Engineers for the Sol Suburban Rail Station project

The Madrid Branch of the College of Road, Canal and Port Engineers have honoured SENER with the 'Best Public Work of the Year Award' for the Renfe suburban rail station at Puerta del Sol in Madrid. On this project, carried out in temporary consortium with Eurocontrol, SENER was responsible for the key disciplines and did the functional, architectural and structural design for the station.

The award was accepted on Thursday, November 26th by Guillermo Dierssen, the SENER engineer behind the project, from the Secretary of State for Planning and Infrastructure, Víctor Morlán, at an event held at Florida Park venue in Madrid and organised by the College of Road, Canal and Port Engineers.

The project, promoted by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, was judged to have been a success by all the administrative bodies involved (national, regional and municipal), and it raised enormous public expectation from the moment it was announced. Given that the Puerta del Sol in Madrid represents a highly complex environment in terms of subsoil, geotechnical conditions, surrounding buildings, etc., SENER's design enabled a station to be built which is extremely well-lit, very bright and comfortable for users, and which has been operating with increasing traffic since it was opened on 27th June.

The Sol suburban rail station is clearly divided into two parts. Firstly there is the platform cavern, the largest in the world to have been dug into soils, a little over 200 m long, 20 m wide indoors and almost 15 m high. It includes two side platforms that link via escalators and stairways to a suspended platform (or mezzanine) above the tracks; secondly the Sol access hall, structured with five levels, which guarantees access from outside and connects with Metro lines 1, 2 and 3. The project also includes a link to the Gran Vía metro station, which itself has to be adapted before the link can be opened.

SENER is an international leader in the railway engineering sector, where it is known for its outstanding professionalism when faced with tasks that are technically complex where it can provide added value. SENER provides a very broad range of services, ranging from feasibility studies to assessment in the roll-out of complex transport systems, basic or detailed engineering, project management, systems integration and operating assessment. It has a longstanding experience in the development of conventional and particularly high-speed railway systems, as well as metro, light underground and trams, including the most modern driverless systems. The company implements projects in Spain, Latin America, North America, Europe, the North of Africa and the Middle East, some outstanding examples being the Oporto Metro, the Dublin Metro, the new network of the Metro in Bogotá, the metros of Warsaw, Copenhagen and Rome, the Oran tram, line 1 of the Algiers metro or high-speed projects in Portugal, among others.


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