Integration and Test facilities at SENER Madrid

SENER has high-tech facilities and resources that help it to create innovations, as they allow prototypes to be integrated, tested, qualified and classified.

  • Cleanrooms. SENER has cleanrooms of different classes with strictly controlled environments in which it assembles and tests equipment for special applications, such as those required in the areas of Space, Aeronautics, Defense, Healthcare Technology, etc.
  • Integration and Testing Center. In this center, dedicated to organized and flexible production of actuator and control systems, the following activities are carried out: incoming inspection; reception and storage management; mechanical and electronic integration; quality control; functional, thermal, and vibration testing; packaging; and shipping.




To provide additional support, SENER also has the following resources:

  •  Library of specialist software for technical applications and project control.
  • Documentation service with more than 65,000 technical standards, 35,000 books, 550 journals and access to the main databases.

All the procedures that SENER carries out at its facilities are subject to strict controls in accordance with its quality, safety and environment management system. 

  • Cleanrooms
  • 148 m2 ISO-8 cleanroom, with temporary adaptations to class 7 with two  ISO-5 laminar flow tables, and a 55 m2 antechamber/attached laboratory for carrying out assembly and testing operations in uncontrolled environmental conditions.
  • 24 m2 ISO-8 cleanroom, with temporary adaptations to class 7. Equipped with ISO-5 frame, optical table and area for auxiliary services of 30m2.
  • 88 m2 ISO-7 cleanroom for soldering, assembly and correct storage of electronic flight units (SMD and conventional). Equipped with two soldering stations , an oven, a vacuum chamber and a controlled humidity chamber. Includes ISO-5 laminar flow cabinet for welding and assembly with high cleaning requirements.
  • 70 m2 ISO-7 cleanroom with an ISO-5 integration bench for the integration of electronic qualification and/or flight equipment for the space sector.
  • 35 m2 ISO-7 cleanroom exclusively for conducting micro-vibration and thermal vacuum tests. Equipped with a micro-vibration and thermal vacuum test bench, as well as a NEWPORT (RS4000) table mounted on four insulated feet and an ISO-5 portable booth.
  • 25 m2 ISO-5 cleanroom for the integration of optical experiments with various applications. Access through ISO-7 room and intermediate changing room, to ensure the quality of the work environment.
  • 25 m2 ISO-8 cleanroom with 10m2 annex laboratory and 10m2 warehouse.
  • Machines and chambers for integration and testing
  • Hot forming machine for prototyping.
  • 1.2 m-diameter 3D spherical measuring arm with 25 µm accuracy.
  • Test bench for electromechanical actuators, with test environment for screws, ball bearings test and mobile bench.
  • Two 3D printers for manufacturing models, functional prototypes, tools, etc.
  • Test benches for the development of solar trackers.
  • Two electrodynamic shakers with 35 kN of force, with a slip table for prototype verification and qualification testing in sine vibration, random, shock and quasi-static tests combined or not combined with thermal tests.
  • Four thermal chambers, with humidity control and ramps of up to 15 °C/min for thermal cycling tests in air or long-term tests at any temperature between -70 °C and +180 °C.
  • Test bed for microvibration tests designed for the development, qualification and/or acceptance of space equipment. Frequency range from 1 to 500Hz, with capacity to test pieces of equipment weighing up to 80 kg.
  • Test bed for conducting EMC tests (conducted emissions and susceptibility) geared towards the development, qualification and acceptance of aeronautics and space equipment.
  • Pyrochoque test bench to reproduce the effects of pyrotechnic detonations on space equipment.
  • Calibration and metrology: two 3D dimensional control machines, with vertical measuring columns on marble.
  • Thermal vacuum chamber capable of carrying out tests under high-vacuum conditions (up to 1 e - 6 mbar) at between -150 °C and +150 °C for the qualification and/or acceptance of space prototypes and equipment.
  • Laboratories, workshops and warehouses
  • Composites laboratory.
  • Development laboratory for the assembly and manufacture of laboratory models and the engineering and breadboarding of electronic and electromechanical equipment.
  • Optics laboratory.
  • Fully equipped 102 m2 ISO-8 electronic laboratory, which includes the capacity to carry out SMD and conventional soldering.
  • 775 m2 integration room for the assembly and testing of large pieces of equipment. It has a 575 m2 10-ton capacity overhead crane, 20 m2 seismic slab and 180 m2 storage area.
  • 150 m2 integration warehouse with controlled storage area for material and tools and assembly and testing area for large pieces of equipment.It has a thermal camera (up to 1m3 capacity), with humidity control and ramps up to 15ºC / min.
  • Pilot plant (laboratory dedicated to solar technology).
  • 14 m2 laboratory room for the integration of equipment that is not subject to cleanliness requirements.
  • Two mechanical workshops measuring 45 m2 and 24.4 m2 respectively, both with storage areas.


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