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Advanced Facilities

We design infrastructures to digitally connect the world in a safe, efficient and sustainable way.

We develop the engineering and architecture for the Data Centres of the leading companies in the USA, Europe, Africa and Latin America through our subsidiary Quark.
+ 250000 m2
IT room.
40 data centers
designed globaly.
+ 350 MW
of IT power designed by Quark.



We can support you all the way from the conception to the completion of the construction of your Data Centre, from the search for land or building where to locate it, due diligence, and assistance for the operation of the centre and its certification.


Specialised engineering tailored to each project.

We can integrate into a team where there are other players, such as Consultants, Project Managers, Architects, Construction Companies or Integrators to provide added value in the area required, in order to optimise the final result.


Our architects create functional buildings, designed to house industrial facilities. We prioritise ease of use and operability, but without ever compromising on aesthetics, originality, sustainability and integration with the environment.

We take advantage of natural resources to reduce the building’s energy consumption and improve the comfort of its occupants.

Project & Construction Management

Under the Construction Management format, we have conceived the entire design and subsequent execution with specific contracting package procedures in mind, making it possible to overlap stages and obtaining significant savings in terms of deadlines and costs.


We follow the most demanding industry standards to plan and coordinate the documentation of the different stages of a commissioning to verify that your infrastructure offers the desired robustness and performance.

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