Culture of innovation

Our commitment to innovation is indispensable, given that it is our technological differentiation that enables us to be competitive in a global environment. Our solutions also contribute towards giving society new technologies that improve general well-being.

Mindful of the fact that innovations stem from the talent and expertise of our employees, SENER recognizes their efforts through the SENER Innovation Awards as well as the Innovation Forum.

SENER Innovation Awards

SENER Inavation Awards 2015


The Innovation Awards are the highest honor SENER presents to its employees, who, through innovative projects and developments, foster the creation of new products and new production processes or the substantial technological improvement of existing ones. 

Each year SENER’s R&D&I Committee rewards the most innovative projects by presenting a commemorative trophy to all the finalists and a cash prize and trophy to the winning project. 


SENER Innovation Forum

SENER Innovation Forum 2015


SENER organizes this forum in order to disseminate R&D&I strategies and advances, promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas and foster cross-fertilization between professionals from different fields. 

The event brings together more than 100 people from the SENER Group, along with external experts from the world of business and innovation, who feature as guest speakers.

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